Since our college is a government college, the entire faculties are selected by the UPPSC. State Government sends the requirement to UPPSC for selection of teachers. UPPSC advertise the post in Employment News, national news papers and on its website and after that they call the qualified candidates for interview in specific ratio and finally send the list of selected candidates to government and government give them placement through directorate.

• Although in our college the number of teachers is less but it is according to government policy and we are always keep in touch with our officials to increase the number of faculty. But all of our existing faculty are well qualified and competent to handle all the courses with the help of traditional and modern tools and techniques of teaching and research such as ICT.

• The extra requirement is fulfilled by taking additional classes and allotting some classes to research students in some departments.

• College does not have the power to appoint additional faculty. At the need additional faculty are appointed by Director, U.P. Higher Education, Allahabad.

• During the last three years five faculty member were appointed by Director to teach Math, Economics

Teaching faculty

Sr.no Name Department Designation Detail
1. Dr. Alok Kumar Srivastava Principal Principal Click Here
2. Mr. Vivek Tiwari Political Science Assistant professor & Head Click Here
3. Mr. Mangal Kiran Physical Education Assistant professor & Head Click Here
4. Dr. Gagan Kumar Economics Assistant Professor & Head Click Here
5. Dr. Surendra Kumar Mathematics Assistant Professor & Head Click Here
6. Mr. Jitendra Kumar Zoology Assistant Professor & Head Click Here
7. Mr. Kaushlendra Vikram Singh Sociology Assistant Professor & Head Click Here
8. Dr. Bhayiya Lal Commerce Assistant Professor Click Here

Non Teaching faculty

Non teaching faculty is appointed by the principal for sanctioned post according to state Government rules. Presently following faculty is working in the college

Sr.no Name Department Designation Detail
1. Mr. Manoj Mishra Office Senior Assistant Click Here