• The institution aims to equalize educational opportunity for all and turn education in to a powerful vehicle of soci-economic and political change.
  • To serve the higher educational needs and aspirations of the native people of the area in the faculty of Arts, Science and commerce.
  • To empower the deprived sections of poor through higher education at their door steps and make them competent to join the main stream of our country.
  • To provide higher education in traditional subjects to all section of the society at a nominal fees and stimulate the academic environment of Pihani.
  • GDC is always trying to input the values among the students for serving the cause of social justice, ensuring equality and contributing to the development of the Nation
  • Traditional methods of delivering higher education have become less motivating to the large number of students. To keep pace with the developments in other spheres of human endeavour, GDC has to enrich the learning experiences of its students by use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by which a boring subject becomes more interesting and easy to understand.

Mission and objectives

  • Promoting academic excellence in a congenial, homely and friendly environment
  • Promoting academic activity through interaction, consensus, dialogue and participation
  • Promoting democratic and human values among the student community and promoting the spirit of freedom, equality and justice
  • Promoting the spirit of rational inquiry and scientific tempore
  • Promoting and creating sensitivity and responsiveness among students so that their nurture in to responsible and enlighten citizens
  • Promoting development and implementation of new teaching and learning skills and making regular upgradation of knowledge base