Schemes for student welfare & Support

For student welfare student counseling support is carried out by faculty as they need

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2-Health Care centre (part time)

There is First aid/health care center under the supervision of HOD, Zoology; this is visited by qualified doctors voluntarily at time to time to help the students.

3-Placement and counselling services for the students

A counseling and placement centre is functioning in college since 2011-12
The centre carried out placement with the help of companies


4-Women help cell

Women help cell” is working in college for prevention/ action against sexual harassment of female students and staff.

Constitution of “Women help cell” in following way-

  • Senior most female teacher- Convener
  • A female from proctorial Board- Secretary
  • A female from NGO-Member • A female student from each faculty who scored highest marks-Member

 Present Constitution of “Women help cell” is as below-

  • Dr. Sarita Singh-Convenor

Female student from each faculty who scored highest marks-Member


5-Grievance redressal cell

College has a grievance redressal cell which is under control of
Dr. M. C. Yadav & Chief Procter Dr. Bhay Lal

Its function is to

  • develop a fearless environment in campus.
  • check identity cards of students time to time to stop the entry of unwanted elements in college campus.
  • maintain law and order inside the campus.

There are complaint boxes in the college at each corner of building Students can drop their complaints in them and they are opened weekly in presence of Proctorial board.

After enquiry the complaint is resolved.


6-College Magazine

College publisher annual college magazine “Pihanika” to encourage students
and faculties to express their academic talent on a common literary platform

7-National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS aims at creating in the students a sense of participation in nation building through programmes such as eradication of illiteracy, slum clearance, road building, voluntary health service, agricultural development, family planning, National Integration Campaign and Career Guidance for students and to inculcate a spirit of equality and fraternity in all section of society. The college has one units of N.S.S. for boys and girls. Students are encouraged to join N.S.S. in large numbers.

Presently One Unit of NSS is working in the college consists of 100 students.

 • Programme officer of Unit- Dr Bhya lal

8-Rovers Rangers

Rovers Rangers aims at creating the qualities of first aid, prepares the students to face natural calamities and make them self dependent. National Integration Campaign and Career Guidance help the students to inculcate a spirit of equality and fraternity in all sections of society.
Presently two Units of Rovers Rangers (one for girls & one for boys) are working in the college.

  • In-charge Rovers- Dr. Gagan Kumar
  • In-charge Rangers- Dr. Sarita Singh