Innovative and best practices

The college aims at providing a best mix of traditional and modern practices of education with recent curriculum and knowledge updates. Some of the important trends include eEducation, Group discussion, Project method, Seminar, debate and quiz and value based education. The overall aim is to develop healthy teacher-taught relationship, personality development, and healthy community relationship, enlighten student knowledge base and communication skill.

1. In Teaching -Learning Process 
Following innovation in teaching-learning has been introduced by college in last three years for student’s betterment and to make study attractive and student centric.

  • College developing a Plan to use SMS alerts for students and their parents.
  • Psychology, yoga and music therapy workshops have been introduced  to develop students confidence.
  • Students are assigned a project work.
  • Students have to take a short term class related with their syllabus.
  • Use of Computer, LCD and OHP in teaching.
  • Use of internet in teaching.
  • Use of software and Audio-visual aids in teaching.

2. In Research 

  • Carry out research work on innovative and interdisciplinary areas such as music therapy, strategic management.
  • Inviting NGO’s and other bodies for extension activities.
  • Signing MoU’s with research institutions and other colleges.

3. In ‘Infrastructure and Learning Resources’ 

  • College aimed at continuous improvement of quality for achieving   academic excellence.
  • College faculty observes changing educational and social demands and   modifies their methods accordingly.
  • College motivates for the use of new tools & techniques with traditional system of teaching.
  • College takes feedback from students on academic and administrative aspects.
  • Faculty helps them to adjust in new environment for their overall development and they can face the world without any kind of fear.
  • For improvement of our working quality, faculty is assessed by the students through a questionnaire and on the basis of their output faculty modify their ways of teaching so it becomes more fruit full for student within existing system of teaching.
  • Highly qualified staff aiming to provide quality education.
  • Principal motivates the faculty and other staff members to provide their best in the existing system.
  • Rural/ tribal background students are helped by faculty to build their self-confidence, because they feel uncomfortable and inferior in the metros atmosphere although they are intelligent.
  • Sahityik and Sanskritic Parishad is formed to carry out the activities for the overall development of the students.
  • Spoken club, Eco-restoration club, Nature club, NCC etc. College ensures that all students take part in the activities organized by college time to time.
  • The college promotes value-based education by inculcating social responsibilities and good citizenship amongst its student community.
  • The college provides best practice in teaching and for students all-round development organization of talks, seminars and extra-curricular activities in the college; formation of various clubs- English
  • There are 47 committees working in college for improvement of  academic and administrative system.
  • Through extension programmes, NCC, awareness programmes are organized for the promotion of social justice and good citizenship amongst the staff and students.
  • Use of Audio-visual aids to make teaching attractive and student centric.
  • Use of Group discussion to improve the knowledge of student.
  • Use of post card and SMS to give information to the parents regarding   their wards
  • Use of power points notes by teacher in their class teaching.
  • Use of teaching software.

4. In Student Support 

  • Annual Alumni meet is organized.
  • A printed questionnaire is distributed to the students to get the feed back   from them.
  • Short term workshop of Psychotherapy, yoga and music therapy are organized to increase self confidence in the students.
  • We Motivate the students to use computer and internet for their development.

5. Projected future expansions 

  • Automation of library.
  • Connect college with EDUSAT project.
  • Develop research center in all U.G. departments.
  • Construction of separate Science and commerce block, Library
  • Increase faculty strength in all departments.
  • Proposals sent to government for eEducation infrastructure.
  • Staff quarter in campus.
  • Start Job oriented courses with the help of U.G.C.
  • Start P.G. Classes in all departments.
  • Upgrade all departments technically and equip them with  eEducation tools.