Extra –curricular activities

1-Departmental Association

Insted of “student council” there is a “departmental association” in each department in which a Vice-President, secretary and members are appointed under the chairmanship of HOD. “Departmental Associations” organizes various activities time to time for the development of the students. Annual reports of “Departmental Association” are published in the college magazine.
There are 47 types of cultural, academic and administrative committee working in college. Most of them have the students' participation for their proper working eg. Games committee, departmental Association, College magazines etc.

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2-Extra –curricular activities and sports

Large sports ground with sports facilities for Cricket, Badminton, Kho-kho, Volleyball, Table Tennis, necessary athletic equipment’s and other games
Yoga class  and Music therapy workshop are organized time to time for students to increase their self-confidence.

3-Co-curricular activities

  • Project work
  • Short term lecture by students in the class related with their syllabus
  • Their are 47 types of committees in college in which students are participating
    according to their hobbies.
  • Each department has its own departmental association to promote various
    types of activities among students.

4-Cultural Activities

  • Various cultural activities are organized in college by different committees of the college.
  • To provide for a constructive channel for the expression of various faculties amongst our students, to facilitate their all round moral, mental and physical development and to make their leisure constructively recreational, adventurous and socially useful, great emphasis is laid on youth and cultural activities, 47 committees are working in the college for the overall development of college and its students
  • The College Cultural literary competitions provide healthy channel to the students for the proper and systematized expression of their creative urges. Arrangements have been made for the establishment of various hobby clubs during the session.