Name : Dr. Gagan Kumar
Department : Economics
Designation : Assistant Professor & Head
Pay scale & AGP : 15600-39100+ AGP 7000+ Allownces
Qualification (mark) :
Subject specialization : Economics and Rural Development

: 2006-12-13
: 2006-12-13
Teaching Experience (in years) :
7 (U.G.) 7 (P.G.) x (Any Other)
Research Experience : x
In Process :
x (Ph.D.) x (M.Phil.) x (Project)
Awarded :
x (Ph.D.) x (M.Phil.) x (Project)
Research project (give detail)
(Funding agency and total fund)
x (Undergoing) x (Completed)
Curriculum development, if yes give detail: : x
Academic/Administrative Responsibilities
In Govt. College service : Laptop Nodal Officer, Rovers-Rangers, Chief Editor of Pihanika,
In University or other than Govt. college : x

Research publication

In Research journals :
2 (International) x (National) x (Other)
In magazines :
x (International) x (National) x (Other)
Book/Book chapters :
x (International) x (National) x (Other)
News papers :
x (International) x (National) x (Other)
Seminar/Conference(participation) :
International (International) 6 (National) x (Other)
Seminar/Conference(paper presented) :
International (International) 4 (National) x (Other)
Participation in :
1 (Refresher) 1 (Orientation) 1 (Workshop)
x (Training) x (Online Course)
Awards/ Fellowships/Associateships etcs : x
Membership of Learned/ Scientific Societies,Give detail : Member of Academic Society of Govt. College Teachers , Life member of UPUEA
Academic Foreign Visits : x
Program telecast on electronic media :
x (T.V.) x (Radio) x (Internet)
Contact No : 9453289943
Email  : gkb.gdc@gmail.com